George L. Reid (Principal)

Mr. Reid is the author and publisher of the nationally distributed Reid Report. This highly proprietary report basically depicts the supply of new apartment product to the metro Atlanta market. The Reid Report is mostly subscribed to by apartment development entities, but also includes many lending institutions, investors, buyers, and appraisers on its subscription list.

Mr. Reid has been actively involved in commercial real estate in the Atlanta marketplace for more than 37 years and has extensive experience in both commercial real estate brokerage and income property finance. Previously, he specialized in the sale and financing of existing multi-family product, along with a strong background in market analysis and the underwriting of institutional-grade real estate assets.

Between 1973 and 1990, Mr. Reid financed in excess of 18,000 apartment units. With almost $1 billion in career multi-family real estate transactions, Mr. Reid brokered some of the largest apartment sales transactions in metro Atlanta prior to 1997, at which time he chose to focus primarily on the sale of just multi-family sites to institutional-grade apartment developers throughout the Southeast region.

Since that date, Mr. Reid has brokered in excess of 56 multi-family and mixed-use land transactions throughout the metro Atlanta area with an aggregate sales volume exceeding $280 million.